Managing Tags on your AWS Resources

Most AWS resources can have one or more Tags, defined as simple key/value pairs, associated with them. These Tags allow you to organize and categorize your AWS resources for accounting and informational purposes. ACK custom resources (CRs) that support Tags will have a Spec.Tags field that stores user-defined key/value pairs. In addition to user-defined Tags, ACK also supports a set of default tags, which are Tags that the ACK controller will automatically ensure are on all resources that it manages.

The two default tags added by ACK controller are and The controller-version tag value is the name of corresponding AWS service and version for that controller(Ex: s3-0.1.3). And the namespace tag value is the Kubernetes namespace for the ACK resource.(Ex: default)

When tags are already present inside the Kubernetes custom resource’s Spec.Tags, ACK default tags are added to the AWS resource’s tags collection along with those tags from Spec.Tags. Priority is given to Spec.Tags when there is a conflict between ACK default tag keys and tag keys in Spec.Tags.


For a resource manifest like

kind: Repository
  name: my-ack-tagging-repo
  namespace: default
  name: my-ack-tagging-repo
  - key: "first"
    value: "1"
  - key: "second"
    value: "2"

The sample response for list-tags-for-resource will look like

aws ecr list-tags-for-resource --resource-arn arn:aws:ecr:us-west-2:************:repository/my-ack-tagging-repo
    "tags": [
            "Key": "",
            "Value": "ecr-0.1.4"
            "Key": "first",
            "Value": "1"
            "Key": "",
            "Value": "default"
            "Key": "second",
            "Value": "2"

Configuring Default Tags

The default tags added by ACK controllers are configurable during controller installation.

  • To remove the ACK default tags, set the resourceTags Helm value to be {} inside values.yaml file or use --set 'resourceTags={}' during helm chart installation.

  • To override the default ACK tags, include each tag “key=value” pair as a list under resourceTags in values.yaml file

    - tk1=tv1
    - tk2=tv2

    You can also override default ACK tags using --set 'resourceTags=[tk1=tv1, tk2=tv2]' during helm chart installation.

  • ACK supports variable expansion inside tag values for following variables:


    A custom resource tag k8s-name=%K8S_RESOURCE_NAME in above ecr repository example would be expanded to “k8s-name=my-ack-tagging-repo”

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