Building a Controller

How to build or regenerate an ACK service controller


You should have forked the repository and git clone’d it locally when setting up your development environment,

With the prerequisites out of the way, let’s move on to the first step: building the code generator.

Build code generator

Building an ACK service controller (or regenerating an existing one from a newer API model file) requires the ack-generate binary, which is the main code generator CLI tool.

To build the latest ack-generate binary, execute the following command from the root directory of the source repository:

make build-ack-generate
One-off build
You only have to do this once, overall. In other words: unless we change something upstream in terms of the code generation process, this is a one-off operation. Internally, the Makefile executes an go build here.

Don’t worry if you forget this step, the script in the next step will complain with a message along the line of ERROR: Unable to find an ack-generate binary and will give you another opportunity to rectify the situation.

Build an ACK service controller

Now that we have the basic code generation step done we will create the respective ACK service controller and its supporting artifacts.

So first you have to select a service that you want to build and test. You do that by setting the SERVICE environment variable. Let’s say we want to test the S3 service (creating an S3 bucket), so we would execute the following:

export SERVICE=s3

Now we are in a position to generate the ACK service controller for the S3 API.

make build-controller SERVICE=$SERVICE

By default, running make build-controller will output the generated code to ACK service controller for S3’s source code repository (the $GOPATH/src/ directory). You can override this behaviour with the SERVICE_CONTROLLER_SOURCE_PATH environment variable.

Handle controller-gen: command not found
If you run into the controller-gen: command not found message when executing make build-controller then you want to check if the controller-gen binary is available in $GOPATH/bin, also ensure that $GOPATH/bin is part of your $PATH, see also #234. You can also install the required version of controller-gen using the scripts/ helper script.

In addition to the ACK service controller code, above generates the custom resource definition (CRD) manifests as well as the necessary RBAC settings using the /scripts/

Next Steps

Now that we have the generation part completed, we want to see if the generated artifacts indeed are able to create an S3 bucket for us.

Learn about how to run e2e tests for an ACK controller.

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