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This section of the docs is for ACK contributors.

Code Organization

ACK is a collection of source repositories containing a common runtime and type system, a code generator and individual service controllers that manage resources in a specific AWS API.

  • docs and common tests (this repo)
  • common ACK runtime and types
  • the code generator and templates
  •$SERVICE-controller: individual ACK controllers for AWS services. (this repo)

The source code repository (this repo) contains the common test scripts and documentation that gets published to

The source code repository contains the common ACK controller runtime (/pkg/runtime, /pkg/types) and core public Kubernetes API types (/apis/core).

The source code repository contains the ack-generate CLI tool (/cmd/ack-generate), the Go packages that are used in API inference and code generation (/pkg/generate, /pkg/model) and Bash scripts to build an ACK service controller (/scripts/$SERVICE-controller

Each AWS API that has had a Kubernetes controller built to manage resources in that API has its own source code repository in the Github Organization. The source repos will be called $SERVICE-controller.

These service controller repositories contain Go code for the main controller binary (/cmd/controller/), the public API types for the controllers (/apis), the Go code for the resource managers used by the controller (/pkg/resource/*/), static configuration manifests (/config) and Helm charts for the controller installation (/helm).

API Inference

Read about how the code generator infers information about a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) from an AWS API model file.

Code Generation

The code generation section gives you a bit of background on how we go about automating the code generation for controllers and supporting artifacts.

Setting up a Development Environemnt

In the setup section we walk you through setting up your local Git environment with the repo and how advise you on how we handle contributions.

Building an ACK Service Controller

After getting your development environment established, you will want to learn how to build an ACK service controller.

Testing an ACK Service Controller

Last but not least, in the testing section we show you how to test ACK locally.